We give a second and lasting life to advertising billboards.

Life After Ad up-cycles OOH billboards into grow bags creating urban gardens to welcome back nature and biodiversity into our cities.

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How does it work?

Advertising billboards turning into urban gardens and a home for biodiversity.

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Your media plan includes OOH billboards? Give them a second life with us and we will manage the whole process to create unique grow bags.



Our grow bags are produced locally and ethically - reusing the materials from the billboard. Each grow bag has a unique design from your campaigns creative.


Urban Landscaping

We help you plan the best set up of your grow bags and urban garden, adapted to your own indoor or outdoor space.



We install your urban garden by recommending local plants and varieties in agreement with the local biodiversity agency. We are also using local organic soil and compost for your garden to thrive.

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Our expertise to make  advertising a bit more sustainable

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Urban Gardening

With the Urban Gardening expertise of Patrick Vernuccio, The Frenchie Gardener, author & content creator (+1,3M followers) to welcome back biodiversity & nature in our cities.

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Advertising experts

We know the processes, financials and key stakeholders in the advertising landscape inside-out for a smooth process from beginning to end.


Our grow bags have been tested, conceived & improved to ensure a top-notch sustainable quality.

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We are committed players who master the economics and managerial challenges of companies to guarantee a triple value proposition: Marketing, HR, CSR.

Set-up & Installation

We install a tailor-made urban garden: delivery and installation, OOH removal & cleaning, production of pots, maintenance.

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We work with urban planning experts & landscape designers to local quality soil & local plants to give birth to a true biodiversity

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"Life After Ad est l'innovation qui répond à une vraie problématique de réutilisation des déchets marketing et à un enjeu de revégétalisation de nos villes."

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Le Parisien

"Working with this agency has been a very positive experience. They really know what they are doing. I am extremely satisfied!"

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John Williams

A sustainable solution to reuse advertising waste

Let's give together a second life to marketing waste with a true & meaningful purpose.